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3590S Trimmer Potentiometer|Trimmer Potentiometer|3590,Bourns, Trimmer Potentiometer,Trimmer potentiometers, Potentiometer
3590S Trimmer Potentiometer
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3590S Trimmer Potentiometer Electrical Characteristics
Vatronics  Standard resistance range 100
Resistance Tolerance:=+/-5%         
Independent Linearity=+/-0.5%               
Effective Electrical Travel3600-10  
Terminal Resistance .2% or 5Max
( Whichever is greater)          Turning NoiseBR>3%R or 3nbsp;                                  Insulation
Resistance R1Gnbsp;    Withstanding voltage
101.3KPa 710V; 8.5KPa 470V
3590S Trimmer Potentiometer Environment Characteristics
Vatronics Max Voltage=315V,Rated Power
Operating Temperature55+125
Temperature Coefficient:+/-100ppm/
Temperature Variation/-2%R,BR>(Uab/Uac)-1%                                     
Vibration 390m/S2, 4000 times,/-1%R
Collision 10~500HZ,075mm,or 98m/S2,6h /-
1%R,Uab/Uac)/-2%R         Climate
Category /-3%R,R100Mnbsp;   
Electrical Endurance at 70鈩?nbsp; 2W,1000h,RBR>+/-3%R                                                     
Mechanical Endurance 10000cycles,/-
Steady Damp-Heat/-3%R R1nbsp;
3590S Trimmer Potentiometer Physical Characteristics
Vatronics Total Mechanical Travel 3600
+/-10   Starting Torque6mN.m Clutch
Torque 00mN.m

3590 Trimmer Potentiometer,Trimmer potentiometers, Potentiometer

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Trimmer Potentiometer,NTC Thermistor,Varistor,Radial Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor, Tantalum Capacitor, Film Capacitor
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